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An Interview With Optylon Krea's Origination & Asset Management team's manager Jose Rebelo

Euro Reaching Parity With Dollar A Godsend For Golden Visa Investors

The Euro's rapid drop has reached a historical point as the EU currency hits parity with the US Dollar (USD), a situation which has not happened since 2002, when it was first introduced into circulation.

Safe & Secure, Portugal Becoming A Sanctuary For Expats

The search for a haven in this time of global unrest explains perfectly the constant growth of expats resettling in Portugal.

What is the future of BNO passport and how can you complement it

While the BNO visa remains one of the best options Hongkongers can take advantage of during trying times, the scheme remains riddled with loopholes and obstacles that they must navigate.

Fund investment guide for real estate brokers

Your clients are asking for the Portuguese Golden Visa, why not make money out of it. As a real estate broker, provide good returns with a simple conversion process.

A complete guide to the Golden Visa for US Citizens

As more US citizens flock to the Portuguese golden visa, it becomes more crucial than ever to highlight the most important aspects of the residency by investment program life in the country, and their tax obligations.

The complete guide to education in Portugal

Here is a comprehensive guide to navigate the Portuguese outstanding and diverse education system.

Resettling In Portugal : Start here!

Here is a step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to relocate in Portugal, from bank account to tax Id and choosing school for your kids.

Portugal's Golden Visa VS Turkey citizenship by investment

Different programs for different needs, learn the main difference between the Portugal Golden Visa and the Turkish CIP

The tax benefits of Portugal for US citizens with the golden visa

The Portuguese golden visa is a fan favorite among many. However, it is its various tax benefits for US citizens that explain the increase in interest hailing from Northern America. The EU country is not only a lovely place to live, but offers Americans the chance to alleviate their tax burden at the same time. 

The Portuguese Golden Visa VS Caribbean CBI programs

While the premise of the Portuguese golden visa differs from that of Caribbean CIPs, investors will undoubtedly compare both as they get ready to pursue an investment migration venture. 

Funds VS Real Estate for the Portuguese Golden Visa

The fund option began gaining massive popularity in 2019, and has since achieved a compound annual growth rate of 86.1% in the past four years. This growth is due to a number of factors, but the most vital of them is the massive benefits the fund option offers.


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