Insights on Golden Visa & the Portuguese Market

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An Overview Of Portugal For Cryptocurrency Investors

Those dealing with cryptocurrencies understand the concept of freedom more than most, and during their pursuit of financial emancipation from the world's traditional currencies, they must continue to search for a haven that welcomes cryptocurrency in all its glory.

Political Stability In Portugal A Leading Driver For US Investors

One of the most important issues an investor must consider when looking to pursue residency by investment is the political stability of their potential new home.

The American Exodus; More and more Americans are Moving To Portugal

While the reasons may vary, the numbers tell one constant story, Americans are looking for other options elsewhere, and many are choosing Portugal.

Americans take action on post-pandemic mobility

Americans quickly realized that having visa-free access to a regionalized area was much better than having a passport that could easily see its powers stripped away. Enter the Portuguese golden visa. 

Education In Portugal A Major Driver For US Golden Visa Applicants

Those looking to leave US shores for a better place must find somewhere that houses a robust education structure and provides them with a lifestyle to match. Enter Portugal.

Why US citizens need a lifeboat in Portugal

The billionaires are battling over who can build a better lifeboat to take us into space. I’m not waiting around for rockets. I’d rather be sipping wine and watching the sunset in Portugal.

Portuguese Golden Visa guide for relocation agencies

A comprehensive guide about the Golden Visa program for relocation agencies. How to onboard your client on the EU citizenship path with the Portuguese Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa and the PFIC statement demystification

How not to be fined when you are a US tax payer applying for the Portugal Golden Visa ? Here we explain you 3 mistakes you should avoid when dealing with PFICs.

Guide : Investment Opportunities Under The Portuguese Golden Visa

One of the great things about mutual investment funds in Portugal is that their return is not just monetary, as obtaining a residence permit for the entire family through a robust investment is an amazing perk that is unparalleled worldwide. 

The Rise Of The Economic-Minded Migrant

We at Optylon Krea have long been serving the experienced investor, and our investment opportunities have always been great ventures, not just a gateway for residency, combining both the financial and mobility factors of investment migration in complete harmony. 

The Evolution Of Branded Residences In Portugal & Europe

Analysts predict that the Mediterranean will soon boast 50% of Europe's branded residence market, and account for 10% of the global market very soon, completing a whopping projected market growth of 156%.


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